Saturday, August 14, 2010

Order Type A

This is the usual order cycle. This type does not happen always, but usually it does. It is the cycle activated once one person orders another to do something.
important note: A and B means that it's either one, not both.

1: Leaves original stance.
2: Go to location.
3: Forget what to do.
4, A: Do something else.
4, B: Go back to previous location.
5: Remember what to do.
6: Reanalyze the task.
7: Do the task.
8: Feel importance, then self pity (self pity = optional).
9: Tries to remember original stance.
10, A: Do something else.
10, B: Go back to previous task's location.
11: Remember what to do.
12: Back to original stance.

It is not a long process. I was just being unnecessarily precise.
I do that sometimes to feel more important...

The World is a Sandwich.

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