Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Anyway I googled up colors (Yes- colors, not colours. VIVA LA RESISTANCE!) to research about them and I found all the colours in one page (wikipedia). I'm going to list the ones that caught my eye in alphabetical order, there were a lot of... Eccentric names. I wonder who gets to name them? If I could I would name one "Le Monde est un Sandwich" (I like French).

I'd like it to be a popular color, just for the heck of hearing someone say "Hey, colour that yellow, this blue, and the one over there Le Monde est un Sandwich."

Anyway here's the list!
-Awesome (No joke)
-Bubbles (It's pretty much just white)
- Cal Poly Pomona green (Now my second favourite color)
-Cinereous (optional add-on: Bun)
-Dark terra cotta
-Eton blue & Falu red (Seperate colors, but they look cool together)
-Fuzzy Wuzzy (LOL)
-Halaya ube
-Ochre (You're welcome to call it ostrich)
-Utah Crimson
-Xanadu (First thing that came in my head when I read this was
-Zinnwaldite brown

ALTHOUGH you know how unreliable wikipedia is, so how would we really know if these are real colors? Research! TO WIKIPEDIA!

Le Monde est un Sandwich.

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